How Do I Make My Essay More Descriptive?

Question by AnyssaK: How do i make my essay more descriptive?
A desperate, young woman gave up everything for something that could have ended her life at any given moment: crystal meth. That young woman was my older sister Laurel. My sister never really enjoyed school, so she dropped out at age sixteen. Shortly after dropping out, she went to live with her father in Ohio (we had different dads). While living there, my sister met her boyfriend, Nick, who made his money by dealing drugs. She eventually moved in with him and started using. Laurel did not only change her life, but changed me and my families’ as well.
My sister thought her life was perfect. All she cared about was meth, and when she would be able to get her next high. However; once my mom found out she was using, she immediately made her move back down to Georgia. Consequently, Laurel was sent to a rehab center for the first time. Unfortunately, she relapsed shortly after being released. On the other hand, it was very hard for her to find the drugs she wanted sometimes. Therefore, she would go days without getting high and have extreme withdrawal symptoms. I remember one night she came home from a friend’s house and told my mom she had not eaten in 3 or four days. My mom tried giving her a pack of cheese crackers and Laurel threw them in her face.

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2nd man gets prison in Texas stem cell scheme

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Stowe and Francisco Morales of Brownsville in 2012 pleaded guilty to conspiracy to introduce misbranded and unapproved new drugs into interstate commerce. Prosecutors say Morales sold an unapproved stem cell drug product to Stowe, knowing Stowe …
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Documentary ” How Drugs Destroys Lives, the Plague of Crystal Meth”


Documentary ” How Drugs destroys lives, The plague of Crystal Meth” – This Documentary shows how Drugs can destroy hole community’s, Louis Theroux go to Fresno in America where cheap and highly addictive drug,Crystal meth is a …


Does Anyone Know of Any FREE Rehab Centers?

Question by : Does anyone know of any FREE rehab centers?
I’ve been trying to find one for a family member for awhile now who does not have the money to pay for it, if anyone knows of any free treatment centers PLEASE share

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Answer by nanu
i dnt kw bt in nepal there is one ,” tape rehab”

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ULTA HAUL MARATHON! Hair, Makeup, Shopping Addiction ?


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In the True Blood Books What Happens After Bill and Sookie Make Love?

Question by EM: In the True Blood books what happens after Bill and Sookie make love?

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Answer by bookshop_lady
“True Blood” is based on the novel “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris, which is only the FIRST book in the series.

In the book:

Bill has another vampire come up from Louisiana to guard over Sookie’s house at night. The vampire’s name is Bubba, and I sure hope they leave him in the TV show and get an actor who looks the part.