Does Anyone Know of Any FREE Rehab Centers?

Question by : Does anyone know of any FREE rehab centers?
I’ve been trying to find one for a family member for awhile now who does not have the money to pay for it, if anyone knows of any free treatment centers PLEASE share

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Answer by nanu
i dnt kw bt in nepal there is one ,” tape rehab”

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  • Sheryl says:

    There are quite a few rehab center that are run by church or other non profit organization. What kind of addiction he/she is having? was it a mental illness or substance abuse? Give us a call at 877-918-8033 and we will help you to location one

    If you can tell us where you from, it will be easier for us to find one that is closer to your. Whatever kind of addiction it is, taking action is the best way and first step to recovery

  • Bronislav says:

    Do you have insurance? One thing many people don’t realize is that you can go to a treatment center for depression, drug addiction, bipolar or whatever and have your insurance handle it.

    You can call the best treatment facility in the U.S. for free advice here –


    They will give you a free consultation over the phone an discuss rehab options for you.
    Call them now for a free consultation and they will help you with making it virtually free or really cheap if you have insurance.

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