Drug Rehab Centers Out West or Down South?

Question by P: Drug Rehab centers out west or down south?
I need to know of any good drug rehab centers out west or down south. Im working out a plan to send my sister to one. Shes 20 and is strung out on Oxy Cotin to the point that she shoots it in her arm. In the past my family sent her to one that was only about 20 mins away,and she was still at home and surrounded with it. i think i might have a plan that would work. i would like to send her out west and have her get clean and instead of bringing her back home to my moms house where oxy cotin is spreading like the plague i want to send her to my sister who lives in Germany to live for a few years until shes finally get a whole new look on life. at the same time my parents aren’t loaded. so cost is playing a huge role in this. there has to be places that have payment plans and such. i would appreciate some feedback. thanks

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Answer by collins m
Check out these. Im praying she gets clean. You sound like a nice big bro:)

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