How Do I Overcome a Food Addiction?

Question by : How do i overcome a food addiction?
im pretty much addicted to food, i just love eating. i have overcome exercising, i am able to consistently exercise for 40 minutes a day. Its just eating that gets me, could i have some tips on restricting my food intake

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Answer by Gerard Way
When you get the urge to eat just chew gum and get out of the kitchen. And you should also drink some water.

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  • Vaibhav says:

    If you want to eat less,
    Whenever you hungry drink lot of water! It will decrease your hunger! Water doesn’t contain any fat or nutriants so it will not affect your body! It is safe also! But you’ll have pee many time in day!

  • Yao C says:

    If you want to overcome food addiction. You need a Brain Diet. Foods such as pasta, white bread, doughnuts, bacon and potato chips flood our brains with feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. Just as you can become dependent on a nicotine fix or a cocaine high, so can you grow to rely on the effects of high-carb or high-fat foods. The solution, is to add healthier ‘booster’ foods. Those that promote a sustainable and nonaddictive release of brain chemicals along with booster activities(like exercise) to increase the chemicals that our brains crave.

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