Opening a Drug Rehab Clinic?

Question by Von: Opening a drug rehab clinic?
A friend of mine recently got arrested as a drug addict and now that he’s in jail has decided to fix his life and that he wants to help others with his same problem by opening a rehab clinic. So please help me out so I can get the information to him on what makes a good clinic, how do you get one started and get the word out, also what about federal funding and getting money. He’s in jail and certainly doesn’t have the cash to do it by himself, also what do you need as far as approval byt the state and what kind of liscenses do you need. basically I’d like to know anything you can tell me to help make this happen, thanks

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Answer by Time Will Tell
HUmmm, Sounds like a nice plan, Perhaps he can start by working in one, then later to take some courses. lol

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