What Goes on During a Scientologist “Security Check?”?

Question by : What goes on during a Scientologist “Security Check?”?
There’s a rumor going down amongst Scientology watchers involving a woman named Mary Rieser, the director of Narconon Georgia (a Scientologist drug rehab center that was sued for the death of a Marine Corps veteran and is now facing an insurance fraud investigation). Mary Rieser stepped down as director and rumor has it that’s she’s at a place called “Flag” (Scientology’s megachurch in Florida) and is “getting sec-checked within an inch of her life.”


After some Googling, I found out that “sec-checking” is Scientology-speak for “Security Check.”

I’m just wondering, what typically goes on during a Scientologist “Security Check?” What does getting “sec-checked” entail?

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We would tell you, but then we’d have to kill you

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  • Theta Works says:

    It’s a series of questions asked of a person new to Scientology to determine if there is a potentiol situation that could affect them being a member, such as connected to someone who is antagonistic to their being on services, or there to “investigate” Scientology (there have been instances where people have pretended to be interested in services, only to have it come up that they are looking for “dirt” on Scientologists, etc. In such instances the person gets no benefit from the services, and becomes rancorous).

    Tony Ortega is not a reliable source for data, btw. This is typical of him pushing stuff out, calling it rumor, when he’s the source of it.

    When a person is having trouble in life, it is usual to ask for transgressions against the area where the difficulty is. This is done in a formal session and is confidential.

    In the case where a person has committed transgressions against an organization or post they will be struggling and unhappy, production suffers and the security check is an opportunity to come clean on these. There is technology behind this. See the definitions in the attached list for “overt”, “overt motivator sequence”, “withhold” and any “see also” mentioned in these definitions. In this case, a person can be asked to make amends for the consequences of the bad acts. On viewing these keep in mind that those most apostates who are outspoken against Scientology have such transgressions (see definitions) and abruptly departed to avoid this check on leaving staff. It’s done for them and their state of mind. This is not dissimilar to a confessional.

    Yes, Narconon Georgia is being sued. It is still on-going. This is an example of Ortega’s inability to tell the truth. He had posted that it was settled when it wasn’t. The matter is under investigation and anyone in our courts have the right to a presumption of innocence. Media likes to be Judge and Jury and sway public opinion. It’s called yellow journalism. Sensationalism.


    Child: It is exactly this kind of speculation of Ortega’s that becomes rumor, and pretty soon the fringe starts repeating it as “fact”.

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