Birth Control Drug Tested and Used on Minorities Cause Health Side Effects


Birth control drug tested and used on minorities cause health side effects – Depo Provera is a drug that has been around for more than a decade now. But the birth control medicine has been at the center of controversy since it’s been …


Baldi jurors hear complicated details of patient deaths

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Prosecutors say he caused the patients' deaths with reckless prescriptions of addictive drugs. He denies responsibility. Polk County Medical Examiner Gregory Schmunk performed autopsies on three of the patients, Paul Gray, Jason Spong and Chad Martin.


Report: Abuse-deterrent reformulation of OxyContin saved 0M nationwide

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Deval Patrick tries to restrict a new opiate until the drug-maker reformulates it to make it harder to abuse, one Boston economist has new research suggesting that such a reformulation would not only reduce addiction, but save millions in national …
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The Choom Ganger in Chief — Hannity's 'Stoned America'

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Using the inceptive verb 'methusko' in the Greek language means the process of intoxication and can and is applied to any drug or alcoholic beverage use, not just the use of alcohol. "And be not drunk (Methuo) with wine, wherein is excess; but be …
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