Chronic Pain and Drug Addiction…please Help.?

Question by Scooter: Chronic pain and drug addiction…please help.?
I have a friend whose son takes medication for a legitimate chronic pain. He is also, unfortunately addicited to several illicit drugs, and was already a heavy drinker when he was injured. Does anyone know of a treatment facility geared to handle drug addicition and pain management. Everything here has failed. The family doctor is concerned for his life.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
The pain medication is prescribed by a doctor and is absolutely neccessary. He is under the care of competant pain management. The problem is most treatment facilities are only set up to get the drugs out of you. They aren’t set up to try and determine which ones need to really stay in you. we need advanced drug and alchohol treatment combined with pain management.

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Answer by In_the_Light
Try seeking a pain management specialist. These physicians deal with chronic pain and drug addictions daily. Many of them perform drug tests. Unfortunately, although pain medication can help pain, they can be addicting. Ask the doctor for other options besides pain medication–perhaps epidural or steroid injections. Also, if he combines exercise with medicine, maybe he will improve his condition enough to allow him to lessen the drugs he consumes. For the drinking problem, try AA.

God Bless.

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  • Jarn says:

    The basics as priority. Perfect mattress and silence and darkness for sleep. Food in abundance to trade scum cells for blood cells. Stay with alchohol instead of prescription drugs and smoke. Live this way a month, then ween off alchohol. To my dying day, I have never seen one known treatment thing being anything of worth. Think of the sad cases he would have to smell.

  • Hiba says:

    Well, for the pain,go to the hospital and see where the problem is then have a professinal doctor give you the medicine.
    For the drunk problem let him know how drugs can harm and cause bad stuff for him but DO NOT ACT BY MEDICINE because a medicine is a drug + you never know what will happen

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