In the True Blood Books What Happens After Bill and Sookie Make Love?

Question by EM: In the True Blood books what happens after Bill and Sookie make love?

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Answer by bookshop_lady
“True Blood” is based on the novel “Dead Until Dark” by Charlaine Harris, which is only the FIRST book in the series.

In the book:

Bill has another vampire come up from Louisiana to guard over Sookie’s house at night. The vampire’s name is Bubba, and I sure hope they leave him in the TV show and get an actor who looks the part.

Bill’s 3 freakazoid vampire friends show up at Bill’s house with their human “toys”. After they leave to go back to their own “nest” in another town, a bunch of men from Bon Temps follow them and set fire to the house, killing the 3 vamps and their humans.

Sookie takes up with that collie that hangs around Merlotte’s Grill and her house. She calls him “Dean,” and even lets him sleep inside her house. But the collie isn’t exactly what he seems.

Eric (the blond vampire who owns Fangtasia, the vamp bar in Shreveport), tells Bill that Sookie will have to be available to work for Eric from time to time, using her telepathy skills.

Sookie finally tells her brother that Uncle Bartlett molested her when they were kids and he also molested their cousin Hadley. Hadley left for New Orleans some years ago, got into drugs. Gran paid for Hadley to go to rehab, but Hadley ran away and no one has heard from her since. This is minor in book one but it becomes important in book 5 or 6.

Andy Bellefleur finally figures out who the killer is, and it isn’t Jason.

The books are really good. I bought the first 6 and read straight through all of them in about 10 days.

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