Drug Abuse?

Question by Sakky: Drug Abuse?
Help needed for my family member. HE is about to die from how much drugs he is taking. Is there anything one can do, perhaps say he is mental and get him arrested or something???
Any advice from previous addicts????
What if he is refusing treatment? refusing to go to hospital etc
Also rehab clinics cant force someone to stay. We checked it out already.
Talking is not working with him. He already lost his wife and 3 kids….he got another wife who is a druggie..she does the shooting for him. they just had a baby that they also lost bc of the drugs she took in the pregnancy that affected the baby so bad he was on morphine for 1 month. Now …the situation is really bad he is drugged up all day and cant even drive or doesnt konw what day it is

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Answer by nathen b
take him to the hospital

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  • Rey Rey says:

    the only way to cure yourself from an addiction is to admit you have no control over it, otherwise you cant stop.

  • Nurses are Angels says:

    The answer to this question is simpler than it may appear. One should behave exactly as one would on learning of any other serious problem involving a loved one. Just as if the person had diabetes, angina or HIV, it is important not to panic. Try not to judge, even if you have been hurt. The addicted person probably also hurts for previous transgressions. Learn what you can about the condition. When seeking expert help, be aware that this is a field where there are a lot of self-styled ‘experts’. Trained addiction specialists are attached to most large hospitals and most psychiatrists are also familiar with this area.

    It is often helpful for relatives or loved ones to attend such a specialist, counsellor or self help group together with the addicted person. This gives an important opportunity for associates to assess the nature and quality of the treatment being considered. They can ventilate any misgivings with the parties involved and ask questions. It should also give them confidence in treatment directions and how they can help to assist in these efforts.

    There are self-help groups for family members. Nar-Anon and Al-Anon members’ lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol abuse of others. They use each other’s experiences to gain strength and resolve by example and faith. While these groups follow abstinence orientated philosophies, there are equally genuine groups supporting ‘harm minimisation’ philosophies (ie. accepting continued use of drugs in a more controlled manner). Methadone support groups and ‘controlled drinking’ or smoking are further examples of this.

    Help for family members is also to be had from the local doctor. There are also many pharmacists who are familiar with this field. Drug and alcohol counsellors may be found at some community care centres.

    It is best for relatives and others who are close to the addict not to offer advice, however tempting it may be. In our effort to understand, it is best to offer support and sympathy, even when these do not come readily. If circumstances are such that this is not possible at the time, it is best to be frank about one’s feelings, but still to leave the way open for future reconciliation.

    Do not worsen the situation by giving money which could be used for drugs. If possible, offer assistance with transport, bills or arrangements which are documented to be for treatment purposes, and always pay by non-negotiable cheque or credit card authority.

    Do not be enticed into debates about whether abstinence is the best philosophy. Each type of treatment is ‘correct’ for the right person at the right time. Equally unrewarding are arguments about why someone originally used drugs or what made them relapse on this occasion.

    Ill keep you in my prayers

  • ebudros says:

    Call the police on him. Have them arrest him for what he has in his possession. Or, put him in your car or anyone who can drive. Tell him you are going out to eat and go to a rehab place and tell the people to come get him… Call a rehab place. Look online, on google, for local rehab clinics or any place you can. The police may help. Ask for other family member help.
    Good luck! I hope everything turns out okay.

  • julvrug says:

    If he becomes a danger to himself or others call in the police, but even then there is probably little that you can do. Talk to him when he is sober, try to convince him the damage he is doing.

  • Ben says:

    its good that you are worried about him, but from person experience its out of your hands, you can help by getting him help (professional) there aer many good centers around, just do a little research and im sure you find one that you are content with.

    keep the faith

  • ash_marie x0 says:

    You cant have him arrested just because hes an addict. You could call the cops and tell them what kind of drugs he has on him and then he could get arrested, buttttt he could go to jail for a long time, which would be better then him dying but would probably also hurt you. You cant take him to the hosptial without his will to go. A person wont get help unless they want it. Talk to him see what he wants if worse comes to worse save his life and call the cops and just say “my family member has been doing ______ (whatever hes addicted to) i need to get him help before its too late” and see where it goes from there.

    best of luck, ive been where you are with my own father and i called the cops to get him straight now hes facing up to 2 years in prison though so its kind of a lose lose situation.

  • marcia r says:

    This is a difficult situation to just stand by and watch when you can see it and they can’t seem to. But you can become sick by worrying about it. The reality is you cant help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. It is very important that the addict suffers the consequences of his actions. Maybe if they are lucky they will learn from it and realize they have a problem . But its not your problem to fix. You can encourage or tell the person you are concerned but they have to see it for themselves. When you try to fix it or ‘save” them from themselves you actually perpetrate the problem and enable the addict to continue in their sickness and it is a sickness.

  • Jean Nichols says:

    Happy Kids are High on Life, so feel no need to look for something else to
    get high on.

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