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Addicted to Video Games? Blame Game Developers


Addicted to Video Games? Blame Game Developers – A Psychologist is asking game developers to alter their games to help players who have video game addiction problems. Video Game Addiction: Are Developers to…


How to Treat the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal


How to Treat the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal – Alcohol Withdrawal Help to people who want to stop drinking Learn about alcohol tolerance and withdrawal symptoms. View more information, or take an alcohol …


When One Hears of Substance Abuse??? ?

Question by ChemStudent: When one hears of substance abuse??? ?
When one hears of substance abuse one immediately thinks of illicit or illegal drugs. However, mind altering substances are legally prevalent in our society with their use having a multitude of consequences. Use this forum to thoughtfully discuss the problems associated with them.

I’m taking a substance abuse class and the teacher gave us this question to collaborate about! Let me know what you think.

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Answer by Czar Walters, Child Saver!
Well, I think the questions may be a little biased, but that’s not surprising when it comes to our school systems.

I Have a WoW Addiction Please Help Me?

Question by rolloutCal: I have a WoW addiction please help me?
My life is going out of control, I have gained 85 pounds in 2 years playing wow. I am now 335 pounds, my girlfriend has left me because I gained weight and I dont spend time with her, I’m always on the computer. It has got so bad that I got fired from my job from being caught playing WoW there. I also have be flunking out of classes in college, and now I’m in debt, and have to take 4 classes over again to even get to my sophmore year. Still I play WoW, after all these events happen I need to play more than ever! It’s the only thing that makes me feel happy now, and all these things made me depressed so it’s harder than ever to go back to not play it

Is There State Funding for People With Loratab Addictions in Lafayette, Louisiana?

Question by tabby: is there state funding for people with loratab addictions in lafayette, louisiana?

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Answer by Flora
I don’t think there is state funding set aside specifically for the purpose you desire. HOWEVER, you could go to one of the state Charity Hospitals in your area. You could just go in to the ER, or you can make an appt. with an out patient clinic at some charity hospitals. I’m just not familiar with the Lafayette area. Depending on your income, services at Louisiana Charity Hospitals (LSUHSC) are free. When you see the doctor for the first time, tell him what you need. The doctor may be able to refer you to a state facility for rehabilitation. I had a friend who had his pain medication stolen from his house while he was gone. He had himself admitted to the state mental hospital in Mandeville for 72 hours. You could check to see if there’s one of these in your area. They do handle drug detox in some cases.

Deepak Chopra Discusses Michael Jackson’s Prescription Drug Abuse.


Deepak Chopra discusses Michael Jackson’s prescription drug abuse. – Deepak Chopra discusses Michael Jackson’s prescription drug abuse.