Knowing the Risk of Addiction to Oxycodone, Should Teenagers Be Given This Medication?

Question by pmuzzy58: Knowing the risk of addiction to oxycodone, should teenagers be given this medication?
A friend of mine and I were discussing the recent deaths of a few celebrities. We looked online to see how many have passed before their time from drug addiction and alcoholism. I was stunned to find out how may recently have died and most of them were from a prescription addiction to oxycodone or oxycontin. A friend’s teen had surgery lately and I warned the mother to ask for another pain killer because of knowing the rate of addiction to oxycodone. She said that she wasn’t concerned and that her son would be all right. I relate my personal family history of drug addiction.

One of my in-laws is a heavy drug addict and sells prescription drug to feed their habit. This person held a very good paying job just 7 years ago. They had surgery and prescribed oxycodone. They fell into addiction. They live on disability making a quarter of what they made while working. They spent 75% on drugs and sell drugs. They never were arrested in their life and now have a criminal record for selling drugs. We have tried countless times to intervene but they don’t want help. I’m afraid one night that we’ll get a call that this person is deceased.

When will the government wake up and take this legal killer off the market? Should a doctor give a young teen this medication? Thanks for any help.

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Answer by introverted
What about benzodiazipines?
ADHD medication, diet pills or any of the dozens of phetamine based medications?
Or melatonin and tryptophan hell theres actual 5-htp pills aswell?
They should stay in pain yet fry there brain?

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