Non Violent Drug Offenders, Incarceration or Rehabilitation?

Question by apu: non violent drug offenders, incarceration or rehabilitation?

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Answer by DOTTY C

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  • jojones007 says:

    Rehab for the first and maybe second offense. Incarceration for the rest. In my line of work there is hardly any one time offenders.

  • surelynotme says:

    Even for violent offenders, rehabilitation is better. The problem is that many offenders don’t want to be rehabilitated.

  • Ed P says:


  • family fan says:

    i personally think they should be rehabilitated but alot of them dont want to be and to be rehabed and make it work you your self the drug offeneder must want help if they dont want it then they wont get the help by been rehabed and would be wasteing tax payers money ,

  • Grampa's Knowledge says:


  • VICTOR H says:

    drugs claim tens of thousands of lives every year, proceeds from drug sales often fund even more violent crimes….with this in mind, is there TRULY any such thing as a non-violent drug offender ?…they are all part of the cycle of death. i vote for incarceration.

  • Christina H says:

    It depends on the level of the offense. If a person is just using themselves and is not a danger to society, then rehabilitation is a good idea. However, if the person is trafficing in large quantities of drugs or has caused harm to others then incarcerate their sorry backsides. Furthermore if their abuse of the laws has caused the death of an innocent person than I see no reason why we as citizens should put them up in fairly comfortable accomodations for life. There is no rehab for murderers, there should only be shortened existences, ie. the death penalty.

  • handerande says:

    Addictions are a medical problem for the person who is addicted. Why can’t we treat it as such? Drugs like alcohol, and cigarettes are treated as addictions, and people are sent to rehabilitation. Many more deaths are caused by these drugs than all illegal drugs combined. In fact, more people die from legal drug overdoses, than all illegal drugs combined. Victor H. shame on you. Attitudes like this by authority figures are the kind of thing that divides this nation. A man without apathy for his fellow human being should never be put in a position of authority. This is where abuse of the common man starts, and is perpetuated by unkind actions of a few who would be kings.

  • KC V says:

    I agree with Dotty. It is a crime but, also, I don’t see it is a “non-violent” crime.

    In my profession, I see the results of illegal drug use and sales everyday!

    To see how people are killing themselves with the poisons sold or bartered for drugs simply is not a pretty sight!

    Look at some of the drugs abused and especially methamphetamine.

    It is my opinion that 80% of crimes are in some way associated with drugs. Burglary, theft, fraudulent checks, etc., in order to obtain money for more illicit drugs. Not to mention the problems of domestic violence associated with the breaking up of families due to illicit drug use.

    Non-violent crime… I totally disagree!

    I’ve included a website or two below concerning illegal drugs…

    When going to the website, place your cursor over the photo to see the change!

    Best wishes.

  • lightwayvez says:

    Drug users are the victims, its the ones who sell it and don’t use it I want to see in jail. Finally if you imprison the drug user then your enemy has won.

    The best revenge is real true rehabilitation, then the enemy will be at a loss with little to no income.

    Most often rehabilitation programs don’t work because they put the addict back on the street prematurely and independently with little to no income to buy food shelter and clothing.

    It is a broken spirit that uses drugs. The problem can be fix but you don’t want it badly enough yet.

    In fact I might say that the non drug users are just as addicted to the easy fall of a drug addict. Neither is the wiser. One wants to win the competition while the other has already lost.

  • Elena Brunett says:

    Per, a very powerful video. I took time today to view all of them. Thank
    you for being you who are. Elena

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